Hypatia (Belgium)

Hypatia was founded in Belgium in December 2022. Astrid Elbers, an historian and language teacher at Antwerp University, is the spokesperson for the group.

Hypatia undertakes case work and strives to protect academic standards, freedom of expression and ensure that universities remain places for unbiased research, critical thinking and intellectual diversity.

Their aim is to restore the university as a beacon of free inquiry, the dissemination of knowledge and peaceful, critical debate.

When someone reports an incident through their website, they provide advice and try facilitate dialogue between the parties involved to seek a resolution.

A useful background article on Hypatia can be found on the Drag Them website – Hypatia: how a Belgian initiative is trying to preserve freedom of speech in academic circles.

Contact Hypatia via their website or follow them on X/Twitter @Hypatia_freedom

Image: Hypatia Logo – image of Hypatia in the public domain

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