Man cannot think or speak without a well-regulated society freeing his mind and his tongue. We see today that the thinkability and speakability of man is being taken, intentionally, from him as society is being increasingly and unwillingly moved, in both mentality and deed, towards mere emotionalism and oppression of thought. However, a well-regulated or good society cannot be created without the ability and courage of men to speak the truth, and, thus, speak that goodness into being. Freedom to speak truth is therefore both a prerequisite and a product of such a good society.

To this end, Newtown establishes a new cultural paradigm with a distinctive symbol that allows individuals to rapidly and easily identify cultural content that is free of any controlling “politically correct” ideology. Newtown presumes individuals are capable of love, reason, and making up his or her own mind. Thus, Newtown facilitates individuals’ ability to both hear, and speak, the truth.

Newtown proudly stands alongside organizations such as the AFAF, who promote the thinkability and speakability of man

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