University of Nebraska-Kearney

On 23 February the Faculty for Academic Freedom (FAF) group at the University of Nebraska-Kearney met and voted unanimously to join forces with the United Kingdom’s AFAF.

We welcome our first US affiliate branch and believe that more will follow! Email: [email protected]


The Faculty for Academic Freedom (FAF) was initiated at the University of Nebraska-Kearney as there is no official organization at this University that ensures academic freedom.

Our core beliefs are as follows:

  1. Academic freedom is an integral component of the Academy.
  2. Academic freedom transcends specific political parties.
  3. We are vehemently opposed to compelled and/or controlled speech.
  4. We categorically support the free exchange of ideas from diverse perspectives.
  5. We support and promote free speech at all levels of the Academy ( this includes supporting the free speech of our students and junior faculty).

For more information contact the branch convenors by email:

Jeanne Stolzer: [email protected]

Greg Brown: [email protected]

Photo Credit: Greg Brown.

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