Bristol Free Speech Society

Bristol Free Speech Society is a movement to protect freedom of expression on campus. We believe that the best way to progress as a free and democratic society is to protect the fundamental right of individuals to express themselves freely within the limits of the law. In a diverse society we need a mechanism by which we ensure tolerance and respect for those who disagree with us. That mechanism is freedom of speech.There has been a recent trend of restriction across university campuses in Britain and America. No-platform policies have banned unpopular opinions. In response, we are here to raise awareness about the importance of free speech. Our mission is to bring universities back to their original function. That is, places for rigorous debate and discussion on a full range of intellectual topics.We do not take a stand on the issues being debated. However, we are here to ensure that there is a space for all opinions to be expressed, within the limits of the law.On this page we will post about our campaigns, activities, and news about free speech related issues. If you too feel passionate about the free articulation of ideas, respect in disagreement, and tolerance of a diversity of opinions, do message us to see how you can get involved.


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