Alumni For Free Speech

We are pleased to welcome as a ‘friend’ a new campaign called Alumni For Free Speech (AFFS) which will work to encourage alumni to push their universities to protect free speech better. 

About AFFS

Many people are now mobilising to defend free speech. Alumni can play an important part; universities and colleges will be more positive and active about defending free speech if alumni get organised and energetic.

AFFS are, therefore, determined to:

  • help and encourage universities and other institutions to achieve policies and practices in relation to freedom of speech which comply with the law and best practice 
  • ensure that institutions work to secure and enforce free speech in practice

To this end, AFFS will:

  • be co-ordinators and spokespeople for alumni who are our members 
  • be supporters and co-coordinators of campaigns established by alumni of particular universities and colleges – what AFFS call “institution-focused campaigns” – under the umbrella of the AFFS campaign.
  • keep alumni and other supporters informed about free speech issues and our work
  • organise alumni to take action to secure free speech and to tackle specific incidents and problems

Find out more about AFFS on their website: Joining is quick and free. The more alumni who join, the more leverage they will get.

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