International Academic Freedom Day

We are promoting 20 May as International Academic Freedom Day (IAFD). The day is now listed in the official Days of the Year calendar.

Activities for 20 May 2024

University of Buckingham 18.00-19.30 Professor Umut Ozkirimli will discuss Is there a left way out of woke?

Supporting organisations are:

Academics For Academic Freedom

Alumni For Free Speech

Free Speech Ireland

Movement For a Free Academia

Speak Easy


It was at its Annual Conference in November 2023, that Academics For Academic Freedom (AFAF) announced that they declared 20 May to be International Academic Freedom Day. The 20 May is the birth date of John Stuart Mill (pictured) the author of On Liberty (1859) which is still essential reading for all lovers of freedom today.

We ask all our Friends, AFAF branches and universities to support this initiative and to organise lectures, seminars, debates, workshops and creative activities to celebrate that date every year.

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