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The branch of Academics For Academic Freedom (AFAF) at the University of Manchester was launched in May 2023. All academics, students or professional staff at the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University or Salford University are welcome to join the branch.

Upcoming events in 2024 include a series of discussion of important books for defenders of academic freedom:

Monday 11th March 8-9 pm
Difficult Women: A History of Feminism in 11 Fights by
Helen Lewis
Tuesday 16th April 8-9 pm
Cancelling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and
Rikki Schlott
Wednesday 15th May 8-9 pm
Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black
by John McWhorter
Wednesday 12th June 8-9 pm
No Platform: a history of anti-fascism, universities and the
limits of free speech
by Evan Smith

To join in: sign up on Eventbrite.

For more information about the branch email: [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter: @MancUniAFAF

(Photo Credit: Dennis Hayes)

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