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The branch of Academics for Academic Freedom at the University of Derby was launched in May 2022 to defend and promote free speech and academic freedom at our University.

We invite interested members of our academic community – staff and students – to join us, irrespective of your disciplinary background, your role in the University, or your political views.

We ask only that you are committed to defending and advocating for free speech and academic freedom as defined in the Academics for Academic Freedom statement of principles.

The following were our founding members (in alphabetical order):

David Arrowsmith, Lecturer in Access and Further Education

Dr Simon Bignell, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Chartered Psychologist

Dr Sean Broome, Senior Lecturer in Further Education, and Education

Heather Bullen, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Jacqueline Hill, Lecturer in Law, Lecturer in Criminology, Access to HE

Professor Susan Hogan, Professor of Arts and Health

Professor Robert Hudson, Emeritus Professor of European History and Cultural Politics

Dr Nicholas Joseph, Senior Lecturer in Education

Dr Ruth Mieschbuehler, Senior Lecturer in Education Studies,

Carl Rosa, Associate Lecturer in Psychology

Professor David Sheffield, Professor of Psychology

Professor Jill Stewart, Professor in Systems Modelling and Optimisation

Dr Charles Spring, Senior Lecturer in Applied Management

Dr Eleni Tracada, Senior Lecturer in Architecture

To contact Derby AFAF email: [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter: @DerbyUniAFAF

(Photo Credit: Dennis Hayes)

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