Oxford Society for Free Discourse

In this polarising age of no-platforming and online echo-chambers, freedom of discourse has never been more important. We believe that the recent trend of academic censorship, be this through no-platforming or otherwise, represents a severe threat to open discourse at Oxford. Not only does it come dangerously close to curtailing academic freedom in the name of ideology; it also suggests that even at university, our generation is incapable of handling arguments maturely. This is why we set up the Oxford Society for Free Discourse – a welcoming community that values open-minded and respectful academic debate. The world is full of controversial ideas, but we believe that especially at an institution like Oxford they should be challenged through open and respectful conversation, not silence. So whether you are a die-hard Corbynite, a fervent Trump supporter, or anything in between, follow this page to stay informed on free speech issues in and around Oxford, and remember to keep a look out for our events this term!

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