Statement Signatories #1366 and counting

 Statement of Academic Freedom

‘We, the undersigned, believe the following two principles to be the foundation of academic freedom:

(1) that academics, both inside and outside the classroom, have unrestricted liberty to question and test received wisdom and to put forward controversial and unpopular opinions, whether or not these are deemed offensive, and

(2) that academic institutions have no right to curb the exercise of this freedom by members of their staff, or to use it as grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.’

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1366. Geoffrey Bird – Oxford and UCL

1365. Stephen Harper – University of Portsmouth

1364. Raanan Gillon – Imperial College London

1363. Myra Forster-van Hijfte – University of Glasgow

1362. Daniel Bamford – University of Nottingham

1361. Travis Noakes – Cape Peninsula University of Cape Town

1360. Susana Maria de Sousa Martins da Silva – University of Porto, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Portugal

1359. Andrew Lincoln – University of Gloucestershire

1358. Dr Geraldine Barrett – UCL EGA Institute for Women’s Health

1357. Anna Somers Cocks – Oxford University

1356. Jason Jacobs – University of Queensland

1355. Catrin Thomas – Free Speech Wales (Alumna, Swansea University)

1354. Fiona Ann Hook – Emmanuel College, Cambridge

1353. Kim Hunter – Heriot-Watt University

1352. Dr Jessica O’Donnell – Northumbria University

1351. Sara Porter – Cardiff Metropolitan University (although I am employed by the Scottish Prison Service):

1350. Dr James Newton – University of Kent

1349. Rhiannon Cochrane – Edinburgh College

1348. Lynne Clark – Open University

1347. Helen Aberdeen – University of Bristol

1346. Heather McKee – University of Glasgow

1345. Michele Moore – UCL Institute of Education

1344. Richard Ridyard – Liverpool John Moores University

1343. Denis ROYNARD – Centrale Méditerranée (retired)

1342. Maria Toft – (Former) University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Instigator of Movement for a Free Academia

1341. Jennifer Townsend – Western Michigan University

1340. Vita Snowden – University of Derby

1339. Rosli Mahat – University of Malaya

1338. Kathleen Richardson – De Montfort University

1337. Sarah Gale – City, University of London

1336. Christopher Morris – Portsmouth University

1335. Deidre O’Neill – University of Hertfordshire

1334. Professor Mike Wayne – Brunel University

1333. Anna Johns – Canterbury Christ Church University

1332. Felice Basbøll – Trinity College Dublin

1331. Rose Pocklington – Alumna, Sheffield Hallam University

1330. Peter Harvey – College of Law (alumnus)

1329. Gareth Hughes – University of Wales

1328. Dr Guy Whitehouse – Alumnus, Loughborough University

1327. Ewa Mazierska – University of Central Lancashire

1326. Karl Patrick Travis – University of Sheffield

1325. Dr Jean Ruane – University of Sheffield

1324. Isla Macphail – University of Western Australia

1323. Kyle Hannan – Rhodes University, South Africa: ‘Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, Columbia University (Business School), New York’

1322. Dr. Rebecca Umland – University of Nebraska at Kearney

1321. Gerry McDonald – Formerly RAM, RHUL and Kingston University: ‘I am happy to be retired given the present climate of absurdity!’

1320. Prof. Kenneth D. Harris – University College London

1319. Jessica Purdy – Trinity College Dublin: ‘As a student, I stand by this mission and would love to get on board.’

1318. Philip Kiszely – University of Leeds: ‘Currently under investigation for airing unpopular opinions on New Culture Forum and GB News.’

1317. Christina Dzineku – Freelance HE lecturer (formerly Leeds Trinity University)

1316. Prof. Christina Perry – Queen Mary University of London

1315. Rhianwen Daniel – Cardiff University

1314. Heather McKee – University of Glasgow

1313. Jane Wainwright – St Hugh’s College, Oxford

1312. Timothy Bates – University of Edinburgh

1311. Amy Griffiths – Swansea University

1310. Dr. Mark Hyde – Plymouth University

1309. Graeme Rae – Glasgow/Queen Margaret University alumnus: ‘Authoritarian idiocy – arising from an oversteer away from objectivity and toward subjectivity – must be engaged with if we are to avoid injustices.’

1308. Dr Katherine Hayes – University of the Highlands and Islands

1307. Martin Speake – TRINITY LABAN: ‘I teach at three music conservatoires in London. Trinity Laban, Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
Saxophone, improvisation, ensembles, transcription.’

1306. Martin Caminada – Cardiff University: ‘I wish these principles were upheld here at Cardiff University.’

1305. Donna Barnes – University of Derby

1304. Alexander Thein – Associate Professor, University College Dublin

1303. Gregory Sporton – University of Westminster

1302. Georgia Testa, Associate Professor, University of Leeds

1301. David Limond – Trinity College, University of Dublin

1300. Catherine Lowry-O’Neill – South East Technological University, Waterford, Ireland: ‘Great to be on board again!’

1299. Adrienne Mc Auley – TCD: ‘As well as being a graduate of Trinity, I now work in admin there.’

1298. Gerard Casey – University College Dublin: ‘AFAF is an absolute necessity in this age of ever-growing censorship.’

1297. Professor David Pilgrim – Southampton: ‘Thanks for your work. My interest in the topic was published formally in my book Identity Politics: Where Did It All Go Wrong? (Phoenix, 2022).’

1296. Dr Anthony Bateson – University of Hull: ‘I feel very strongly about these principles and protecting them’.

1295. Dr Louise Pendry – University of Exeter

1294. Dr Avril Mewse – University of Exeter, Psychology

1293. David Petrik – Cardiff University

1292. Lindsey Davidson – University of Bristol

1291. Jacob Eisenberg – University College Dublin, College of Business: ‘Associate Professor of Management’

1290. Sarah Alyn Stacey – Trinity College Dublin

1289. Tlon Uqbar Orbis Tertius – The University of Edinburgh: ‘I believe these principles to be the foundation of academic freedom.’

1288. Professor Laurence Hemming – Lancaster / Cambridge (alumnus) / Oxford (alumnus)

1287. Tom Scott – Open University

1286. Vinay Kapoor – University of Warwick: ‘I am President and Co-Founder of Warwick Speak Easy, a forum at the University of Warwick designed to promote open debate and free discussion on campus. We are affiliated with the national Speak Easy movement. – Diversity of opinion, free thought and intellectual expression are not only vital to a flourishing society but also to the University. These are at the core of Warwick Speak Easy’s values and the national movement.’

1285. Sabine Beppler – University Hamburg: ‘It should be self- evident that academic freedom is the core principle universities must uphold. Sadly it isn’t anymore. Your initiative is important.’

1284. Dean Keating – Trinity College Dublin

1283. Sarah Hardiman-O’Reilly, CEO Free Speech Ireland, University of Limerick (alumna): ‘I am delighted to work with AFAF in common pursuit of freedom of speech.’

1282. Con Ó Laoghaire – Trinity College Dublin: ‘Academic freedom, and the depoliticisation of thought it fosters, are crucial for genuine progress.’

1281. Stephen Rimmer – University of Bradford

1280. Yaniv Proselkov – University of Cambridge, Christ’s College: ‘I am a co-founder of a free-speech network, the Diogenes Forum, championing heterodox thinkers and platforming them.’

1279. Nicola Thomas – Lancaster/ Oxford

1278. Vanessa Gash – City, University of London

1277. Alston Misquitta – Queen Mary University of London: ‘Academic institutes should always be places where we can freely explore idea outside of the mainstream without fear.’

1276. Professor Douglas Stokes – University of Exeter

1275. John Clarke – University of Buckingham, Professor Emeritus, History

1274. Dr Karen Corteen – Liverpool John Moores University

1273. Siam Bhayro – University of Exeter – Associate Professor of Semitic Languages and Jewish Studies

1272. Rima Hussein – Northumbria University

1271. Professor Onno Bokhove – University of Leeds: ‘From 2018 I have been warned in writing that as team leader I could face disciplinary action due to my team’s results conflicting with (local) UK Government reports on flooding. That warning was taken away in writing late 2021 after I had requested to be either punished with adequate reasons or to be exonerated in writing, but the reason for the warning has (seemingly) not vanished. My research findings keep flagging issues in UK Government policies often using the values provided by UK government itself. As a consequence, I therefore experience my research environment to be unsafe.’

1270. Jo Phoenix – University of Reading

1269. Kristen Knowles – Queen Margaret University

1268. Dr Holly Marshall – St Andrews

1267. Alissa Pemberton – friend of Buckingham University

1266. Niall Clarke – UCD alumnus

1265. Phil Davis – UCL alumnus

1264. Chris Cordwell – University of Derby

1263. Dr Ian Hartshorne – Manchester Metropolitan University

1262. Rob Watson – Decentered Media: ‘I am an independent researcher who works with several universities in the East Midlands. I am concerned that there is a proscriptive approach to debate and enquiry that is subservient to reputation management, marketing and imagined student sensitivities, which are negatively impacting the ability of researchers to engage in challenging, critical and socially relevant research.’

1261. Safdar Bhatti – Khaliqia Trust College

1260. Beatrice Penati – University of Liverpool: ‘Keep up the good work.’

1259. Tim Crowley – University College Dublin

1258. Lucy Porteous – University of Portsmouth: ‘Senior Teaching Fellow’

1257. Dr Jan Flaherty – Nottingham Trent University

1256. Carl Taylor – QMUL

1255. Professor Sir Michael Pepper – UCL: ‘I am a strong supporter’

1254. William Barlow – University of St Andrews: ‘Retired member of academic staff’

1253. Andrew R. Timming – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: ‘Freedom of speech is under attack. It’s time for academics to stand up.’

1252. Dr. Jeanne Stolzer – University of Nebraska- Kearney

1251. Angela Grier – Leeds Beckett University: ‘I’m a retired senior lecturer and alumna of Leeds Beckett. Absolutely appalled at UCU’s lukewarm approach to free speech and liberty. Devastated at the way Kathleen Stock at Sussex was treated by UCU and Jo Grady.’

1250. Dr James Ross – King’s College London

1249. Tania Jackson – Open University

1248. Gregory Lippiatt – University of Exeter: ‘Lecturer in Medieval History
University of Exeter’

1247. Aron Sterk – University of Lincoln

1246. R N E Walsh – University of Derby

1245. Daniel Rodger – London South Bank University

1244. Sylvie Perez – Author of En finir avec le wokisme – Chronique de la contre-offensive anglo-saxonne

1243. Sue England – Dundee University (retired)

1242. Sue Terry – Esoteric Academic – University of Surrey

1241. Julie McNamee – Open University

1240. Dr Colin Axon – Brunel University London

1239. Neil van Dokkum – South East Technological University: ‘The corporate model of education becomes more pervasive, and more draconian, every day. Education should be about discussion and difference, not rote and recitation.’

1238. Ian Cram – Formerly at Leeds University: ‘Keep up the good work.’

1237. Catherine Scott PlummerUniversity of London: ‘I went to the RVC and am a vet.’

1236. Grainne McKeever – Ulster University

1235. Freya Papworth – Birkbeck: ‘As a student, we need this. I set up LFAC – London Feminist Academic Collective and would love to chat about potential networking and collaboration’.

1234. Dr Jan Macvarish – University of Kent

1233. Brian Eastly – Stirling University, alumnus

1232. Sebastian Hayes – Freelance, Open University Alumnus

1231. Alex Nieora – Researcher, the Independent Business Network (IBN)

1230. Francoise Berthet-Hall – Freelance

1229. Jack Barwell – University of Exeter: ”I am the President of Exeter University Speak Easy Society and Chairman of the Speak Easy National movement. Free speech must win for students and academics and I support this organisation.’

1228. Terri Murray – Fine Arts College (Hampstead)

1227. Lucius Shaun Tan – University of Exeter

1226. Ian Acheson – Staffordshire University

1225. Mike Farish – UCL Alumnus

1224. Michael Wayne – Brunel University

1223. PENELOPE RUSSELL – University of Sheffield

1222. Pierre d’Alancaisez – Birmingham City University

1221. Linda Palmer – UCL: ‘Academic freedom is essential in a democratic society and should be safeguarded.’

1220. Jane Wills – Exeter, Cornwall Campus

1219. Roger Quilliam – University of Winchester: ‘Free thinking is the core premise to liberal education. This must be preserved.’

1218. Debra Bales – Oregon: ‘I’m a long time supporter of free speech. I find it frustrating that ppl now censor by anger at anything being stated that instead of anger should be topics of discussion. It has become citizen on citizen censorship.’

1217. Dr Emma Williamson – University of Bristol: ‘I left UoB, and academia, in 2022. This was due to the failure of the sector to protect free speech.’

1216. Maryam Aldossari – Royal Holloway University of London

1215. Andrew Doig – University of Manchester

1214. Daniele Fanelli – Heriot-Watt University

1213. Dr U. Blumenschein – Queen Mary University of London

1212. Dr Jeanette Uppal – Birmingham University: ‘I am deeply concerned about the silencing of those who voice concern about the erosion of safe spaces for woman’.

1211. Nigel Tatum – Keele University: ‘Keep up your good work.’

1210. Dr Rachel Hayton – Newcastle University

1209. Matthew Parry – Senior Lecturer, University of Derby

1208. John McAteer – University of Edinburgh

1207. Tina Beattie – Professor Emerita, University of Roehampton: ‘As a Catholic theologian, my university always defended me against attempts at church censorship. It is vital that this is not a selective process but applies to all informed and reasoned academic debates.’

1206. Burzine Waghmar – SOAS: ‘A restatement of the obvious, so Orwell reminded, is the duty of the intelligent to all in base times. Pseudo-scientific bunkum about CRT, BLM, or Decolonisation is best left to an AGM of the Writers’ Union of the USSR. It has no place in a robust, forever critiquing and thinking democracy as ours.’

1205. Simon Durnford – Guys Hospital, London

1204. D. J. Hams – Bath University Alumnus: ‘Academia’s obligation of care to society at large means that sometimes difficult and challenging subjects must be confronted and discussed. It is with great sadness I see the direction some institutions have taken on this. Thank you for your voices.’

1203. Andrew Kwesi De Roy – University of Witwatersrand: ‘Academic freedom should not be curtailed in any form, shape or scope by any person, group or government.’

1202. Jane Bell – Heriot Watt University: ‘Students cannot develop critical thinking skills without being exposed to a diversity of viewpoints. ‘Protecting’ students from exposure to views they disagree with stifles intellectual development.’

1201. Holly Devlin – Liverpool John Moores University

1200. Tim Luckhurst – South College, Durham University

1199. Michael Foran – University of Glasgow:

1198. Eva Moreda Rodriguez – University of Glasgow

1197. Professor Martin Anthony – London School of Economics

1196. Stephanie Portersmith – LIPA and Lancaster University: ‘Glad to find many voices of reason. What a relief.’

1195. Greg Brown – University of Nebraska at Kearney

1194. Robin Harper MA ,OBE – Former Rector, Edinburgh University

1193. Graham D. Child – Lincoln College, Oxford

1192. John McGowan – Canterbury Christ Church University

1191. Lindsay Paterson – University of Edinburgh

1190. William Barlow – University of St Andrews (retired)

1189. Mark Honigsbaum – City, University of London: ‘I’m delighted to endorse AFAF’s principles of academic freedom as it is only by confronting opinions that may be unpalatable to us, or which may offend us, that we can foster a spirit of inquiry in higher education and equip ourselves, and our students, with the tools necessary to advance knowledge.’

1188. Catherine Lawless – Trinity College Dublin

1187. Prof Stuart Russell – Macquarie University School of Law, Sydney Australia (retired)

1186. Jonathan Hearn – University of Edinburgh

1186. Leah Quinn – Canterbury Christ Church University: ‘Former Office Manager’

1185. Martin Neil – Queen Mary, University of London

1184. Gale Macleod – University of Edinburgh

1183. Claire Street – Canterbury Christ Church University

1182. Professor Eric Kaufmann – University of Buckingham

1181. Anthony Cox – University of Birmingham: ‘“intellectual comfort is as dangerous as it is seductive.” Greg Lukianoff’

1180. David Perks – Oxford University (alumnus): ‘As former Principal of a secondary school, I felt the closing of the space to debate ideas very directly. If universities can’t defend that space who else will?’

1179. Adam Sherwood – Birmingham University Chemistry Dept

1178. Piers Benn – Fordham University London Centre: ‘I have been active in writing and speaking on this issue for some time and follow AFAF on Facebook but am not sure whether I am formally a member. While there may be a few details in the AFAF statement I might want to tweak or have clarified, I support the basic aims of this important organisation.’

1177. Asen Ivanov – Queen Mary University of London

1176. Stephen Mossman – University of Manchester

1175. Ralph Wilde – University College London

1174. Dr Rostyslav Dubrovka – Queen Mary University of London

1173. Omar Loubak Mohamed – Royal Holloway: ‘At my university, I have consistently tried to fight for freedom of speech. For example when I publicly criticised the cancellation of Baroness Claire Fox at my University. Which resulted in me starting a new and exciting university society called Speak East. With the main aim of defending academic freedom and promoting discussions on a wide range of issues, even controversial ones.’

1172.  Jonny Best – University of Huddersfield

1171. Toby Andrew – Imperial College London

1170. Umut Ozkirimli – IBEI, University of Pompeu Fabra

1169. Simon Anglim – King’s College London

1168. Peter Wilkins – Cranfield University (graduate)

1167. Nathan Eckersley – The University of Manchester: ‘Having finished my MA at Manchester this month, I have seen firsthand the need for an organisation like AFAF on campus, to support academics and students in being able to exercise their right to free speech. During my studies, there have been a number of occasions in seminars where I felt I had to hold my tongue on certain issues and so it is fantastic news that AFAF is setting up in Manchester and I wish you every success and am willing to support you however I can.’

1162. Valtteri Vuorio – University of Edinburgh: ‘4th year Undergraduate, Psychology & Linguistics’

1166. Dr Nicola Gillin – Anglia Ruskin University (Chelmsford Campus)

1165. Jonathan A. Jones – University of Oxford: ‘Professor of Physics’

1164. Rachel King – Birmingham City University: ‘Courage calls to courage everywhere.’

1163. Edward Skidelsky – University of Exeter

1160. Sigge Andersson – Husläkarcentralen i Kinna: ‘MD’

1159. Jill Stephenson – University of Edinburgh: ‘I am a graduate (twice) of, and a retired professor from, the University of Edinburgh whose honorary fellowship was revoked because of complaints from the SNP about my political views.’

1158. Dr Thomas Phillips – Liverpool John Moores

1157. Christian Hinojosa – Universidad de Colima: ‘I’m a graduate from Universidad de Colima (Mexico)’

1156. Gary Wilson – LJMU

1155. Michelle Shipworth – University College London: ‘Associate Professor, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources’

1154. Simon Goddard – Birmingham City University

1153. Pilgrim Tucker – Open University

1152. Lucy Spin – Open University

1151. Almut Gadow de Mayor – formerly Open University: ‘With the support of the Free Speech Union, I am currently (August 2023) taking the Open University to an employment tribunal arguing unfair dismissal because of my gender-critical views. Please read my claim and support my case on Crowd Justice‘.

1150. Professor Marilyn James – University of Nottingham

1149. Ngozi Oluchukwu Odiaka – Global Banking School, Leeds

1148. Carrie Childs – University of Derby: ‘Dr Carrie Childs, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Derby.’

1147. Professor Alison Wakefield – University of West London: “It is strange and sad that an association like this is currently needed”.

1146. Larry Ray – University of Kent

1145. Dr Michelle Dwerryhouse – Liverpool John Moores University

1144. Nikesh Solanki – University of Manchester

1143. Tatiana Heise – University of Glasgow: ‘“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to slaughter.” (George Washington)’

1142. Judith Hibbert – Magdalen College Oxford

1141. David Brooks – Birkbeck College

1140. Dr Stuart Waiton – Abertay University

1139. Dr Laura Favaro – Bournemouth University

1138. Prof Diane Rasmussen McAdie – Edinburgh Napier University

1137. Krysia Rozanska – The University of Essex

1136. Andrea Shortland – University of Kent: ‘I am a clinician (clinical psychologist) and not an academic but am very interested in these ideas. I am an ex-student of University of Liverpool, Queens University Belfast and University of Kent at Canterbury.’

1135. Kirk Rintoul – Humber College

1134. Penny Lewis – University of Dundee

1133. Maureen O’Hara – Coventry University: ‘I agree with the principles of academic freedom which AFAF is promoting. It’s one of the key roles of universities to encourage critical thinking about areas of public controversy.’

1132. Richard Harris – University of Hull

1131. Alastair Donald – Living Freedom

1130. Helen Wood – Graduate of Portsmouth University: ‘Dialogue with others helps us to think. If we refuse to debate those with different views, we may become dogmatic even bigoted and this feeds into divisions in the wider society which is not desirable.’

1129. Chloe Oldfield – University of Buckingham

1128. Lesley Gourlay – UCL

1127. Michael Cryne – Bournemouth University

1126. Norman Fenton – Queen Mary University of London: ‘I am now retired but have Emeritus Professorship at QMUL. In the last 3 years I have been the subject of censorship and cancellation due to the fact that I have been providing data analyses that challenge the ‘official narrative’ on covid/vaccines. Latest example:

1125. Professor Andrew Davies – University of Liverpool

1124. Professor Paul Garner – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 

1123. Dr John Adams – University of Liverpool

1121. Dr Alison Astles – University of Huddersfield: ‘Promoting respectful debate to ensure best healthcare for all.’

1120. Phillip Carter – Edge Hill University: ‘Phillip Carter. MA. Bestselling comedy author’.  “As a writer and comedian, I know all too well the importance of academic freedom. Without it, universities are little more than expensive and self-absorbed affirmation groups for those who align with the uni’s chosen ideologies, and expensive reprogramming centres for those who don’t. I support academic freedom because a space where people can put forward, challenge, and discuss ideas, no matter how controversial, is a space that powers honest debate and progress.”

1119. Dr Betty Jay – Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway

1118. Martin Wynne – University of Oxford:

1117. Tracy Forster – Open University

1116. Professor Susan Pickard – University of Liverpool: ‘Professor of Sociology, University of Liverpool’

1115. James Dillon – York University/Hull University

1114.  Dave Wibberley – Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts: ‘Very interested and keen to be involved in supporting Academic Freedom in Liverpool and the Northwest.’

1113. Dr Christine Jones – Manchester Metropolitan University: ‘Senior Lecturer (Retired)’

1112. Victoria Doherty – Liverpool University

1111. Pamela Radcliffe – University of Portsmouth: ‘PhD Student and Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth’.

1110. Anne Green – University of Nottingham

1109. Nick Sundin – Newcastle University

1108. Liz Richardson – University of Manchester: ‘Professor of Public Administration’

1107. Dr Candida Saunders – University of Nottingham

1106. Ed Morrison – University of Portsmouth

1105. Ryan Brooks – University of Buckingham

1104. Jonathan Koppel – University of Portsmouth

1103. Dr Anna Bailey – unaffiliated

1102. Kathryn Webb – University of Oxford

1101. Andrew Elliott – (now retired; formerly International Director at Shinawatra University, Thailand): ‘I’ve been living and working away from the UK for 23 years – mostly in Thailand. My work here’s brought me into regular contact with a range of UK universities (which I’ve represented over student recruitment and inter-institutional link activities). I’m horrified by the current climate of academic unfreedom in the UK (& elsewhere) & trust the tide can be turned with a little effort, co-ordination & resourcefulness….’

1100. Mark Lilly – Swansea

1099. Dr Wes Brown – University of East London

1098. Dr Xeni Dassiou – City, University of London

1097. Forrest Capie – Bayes, City, University of London: ‘I should like to support these principles.’

1096. Dr Lawrence Patihis, PhD. – University of Portsmouth

1095. Ursula Edgington – Alumni: Universities of Warwick, Nottingham and Canterbury Christchurch: ‘Academia has been corrupted for a long time – academic freedoms have been deliberately censored. We need a new start that respects integrity, outside regulatory capture.’

1094. S. Munirah Alatas, Ph.D. – Retired Assistant Professor, National University of Malaysia; Visiting Professor, Indonesian International Islamic University

1093. Fred Scott – City, University of London: ‘Graduate Teaching Assistant
PhD researcher.’

1092. Dr Andrew Denis – City, University of London: ‘Fellow emeritus in political economy,
Department of Economics, City, University of London.’

1091. Dave Barlow – Sheffield Hallam University

1090. Professor Andrew Martin – University of Oxford

1089. Dr Elizabeth Peatfield – LJMU: ‘Without free speech and the right to debate, we have no freedom.’

1088. Kath Murray – University of Edinburgh

1087. Clare B Dimyon – Retired Engineering academic: ‘We are in very dangerous territory if people form opinions & make policy based on soundbites rather than with a dispassionate examination of the evidence. In an age of mountains of data collection, the rational analysis of existing data held seems to be a seriously undervalued expertise.’

1086. Arianna Andreangeli – University of Edinburgh

1085. Carmen Sanjulián – Trinity College Dublin

1084. Stuart Swanston – University of Edinburgh: ‘MA (Edin) 1974
General Council Member’

1083. Michael Ben-Gad – City, University of London: ‘Professor of Economics
City, University of London’

1082. Abhishek Saha – Professor of Mathematics, Queen Mary University of London

1081. Dr Claire Reddleman – University of Manchester: ‘We have to stand up for each other’s right to speak! Most especially inside the university’

1080. David Palmer – Middlesex & Sussex University

1079. Lisa Feklistova – University of Cambridge

1078. Dr Robert Francis – University of Wolverhampton: ‘I’m sorry this is required and thank you for your important work and continued efforts’.

1077. John Papaloizou: Professor Emeritus – University of Cambridge

1076. Chris Brown – London School of Economics

1075. Linda Hart, D.Soc.Sc. – Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Alumna of University of Helsinki, Finland

1074. Helen Di-Stefano – Cambridge University, Gonville and Caius

1073. Caz Weller Knight – Trinity College, Cambridge: ‘Suppression of speech leads to suppression of thought. It has no place in a democracy.’

1072. Alessia Cibin – University of Technology Sydney

1071. Christopher McDowell – City, University of London

1070. Graham Gould – (formerly) King’s College London: ‘As the editor of an academic journal, I believe that freedom to dissent and to express unpopular opinions is crucial in all areas of intellectual endeavour, and I will always strive to uphold this in my editorial work and to support others who believe the same.’

1069. Thomas Prosser – Cardiff University

1068. Dr Robert Laverick – School of Chemistry, University of Leeds

1067. Professor Ruth Jepson – University of Edinburgh

1066. Firat Cengiz – University of Liverpool: ‘Scientific progress can only be achieved by discussing several different options to approach a problem. Universities and academia are increasingly distancing from scientific discourse to adopt certain positions as undiscussable truths which are also imposed on all academics and students. It is increasingly worrying how the young generation is becoming increasingly illiberal and they believe that their subjective feelings can be justification for controlling academics’ speech.’

1065. Richard Hallam – Kings College London (alumnus): ‘As a retired academic without a university affiliation, I am essentially barred from submitting a paper because academic journal submission software won’t allow it. (This would also apply to an out-of-work academic). So if I want to express an opinion which relates to a social or political issue, I am censored from doing so in this format. Editors are always at liberty to reject a submission, so what’s the problem?’

1064. David Smith – Anglia Ruskin University

1063. Sally L Satel – Yale University School of Medicine

1062. Nick Hood – University of Edinburgh

1061. David Spittal – Markham College Lima Peru: ‘Freedom to question everything is essential’.

1061. Kyriakos Kotsoglou – Northumbria University

1060. Lynne Pratt – University of Edinburgh: ‘Alumna and retired lecturer’

1059. Dr Alan McManus – University of Glasgow: ‘Sacked for “irretrievable breakdown of confidence & trust” after 2 years of victimisation after whistle blowing over direct discrimination (ignoring legal exemptions to masking).’

1058. Carl Taylor – Queen Mary University of London: ‘I am an alumnus of QMUL, currently a UNISON member at another London University. Very sad to see UCU – colleagues of mine on recent picket line – adopting such an authoritarian stance.’

1057. Veronica Howe – University College London: ‘I am appalled at the appeasement of aggressive trans activist men who are trying to erase women. I will no longer encourage my two grandsons to aim for university, it seems a toxic hotbed of social justice warriors and identity politics that can only do harm, closing down free speech and the debate of ideas’

1056. Margrethe Voll Storaas (research fellow) – Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

1055. Sharmini Brookes – alumna, Cardiff University: ‘Freedom of speech is the ore-requisite to all freedoms.’

1054. Tamsin Evans – Middlesex University / Bristol University: ‘As a teacher of international students I find it so important that we can discuss freely global politics without fear of repercussions. Every subject should be up for scrutiny, and it is ridiculous to expect all students to conform to or even be aware of the new gender rules. The UCU has betrayed women.’

1053. Professor Vikki Boliver – Durham University

1052. Gale Macleod – University of Edinburgh

1051. Diana Blamires – University of Buckingham (former PA to the Vice-Chancellor)

1050. M Fraser – York: ‘Academic Freedom is essential. Without this there can be no debate or questions and these are fundamental to teaching and learning.’

1049. Mihai Coman – Bucharest University, College of Journalism

1048. Sean Bw Parker – False Allegations Watch – University of Bristol (affiliated): ‘False Allegations Watch is a division of the Empowering the Innocent, which grew out of the University of Bristol Innocence Project. We are committed to ensuring those falsely or spuriously accused have their say, and to academic freedom in general.’

1047. Professor Ian Pace – City University, London

1046. Samantha Craven – University of Derby

1045.  Andrew Lownie – University of Buckingham: ‘Public funds were used by Southampton University to buy Earl Mountbatten’s diaries and letters on the grounds they would be open to all and then closed. I spent almost £500,000 defending an appeal brought by Southampton University against me and the Information Commissioner’s ruling that the material should be made public. This seems to me an academic institution preventing scholars accessing material bought with public funds and meant to be open for study in an unquestioning subservience to the Government. Here is a bit of background:

1044. Gerard Dugdill – Cambridge, Cardiff, Edge Hill

1043. Iona Italia – Cambridge University

1042. Mark Gardner – Myerscogh College

1041. Amy Stewart – University of Sussex

1040. Dylan Sebastian Evans – Royal Holloway, University of London: ‘Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas’

1039. Adam Smith – University of Lincoln

1038. Matthew Brown – University of Edinburgh, undergraduate (philosophy): ‘Critical Theory is in the process of reconceptualising what it means to do research. They have their own methodology that holds truth second fiddle to the changing of the social order to be in keeping with a Neo-Marxist view of how to move toward utopia (no place). They are succeeding in this endeavour – at least the first part.

1037. Robert Ashmore – Sheffield Hallam University

1036. William Mackesy – Oxford/St John’s

1036. Florian Biermann – Nottingham Trent University

1035. Dr Sarah Cardwell – University of Kent

1034. Dr Craig Platt – University of Derby

1033. Dr Mirko Paskota – University of Derby

1032. Dr Martin Fradley – visiting lecturer in film studies, University of Worcester

1031. Professor Jill Stewart – University of Derby

1030.Jacqueline Hill – University of Derby

1029. David Arrowsmith – University of Derby

1028. Kamila Aslakse – Associate Professor, University of Innlandet, Norway

1027. Neily Villeloups – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

1026. Kay Young – Alumna, University of Lancaster

1025. Sébastien Béland – Professor at Université de Montréal (Canada)

1024. Gwenan Richards – SOAS, University of London

1023. Christina Bitzious

1022. Liliana Fort – Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana México: ‘For Académic Freedom!’

1021. Susan Yavetz – University of Liverpool

1020. Srdan Atanasovski -Institute of Musicology, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade

1019. Sandi Beers – Nottingham Trent University

1018. Emma Milne – University of Durham

1017. Janet Fraser – University of Hull

1016. Mihaela Păun – University of Bucharest

1015. Richard Stalker – University of Dundee graduate of Architecture. I started the Dundee University Free Speech Society – now practicing architect in England.

1014. Toby Mottram ‘I retired from Royal Agricultural University in 2017. I still conduct and write research. I see a lot of money being put into food processing with false claims about its beneficial effects on greenhouse gas emissions’.

1013. Cat Irene – Student, Dundee University ‘I helped create the Dundee University Free Speech Society, academic freedom is one of our major topics’.

1012. Diana Kornbrot – University of Hertfordshire: ‘Pro science pro trans pro freedom of speech’.

1011. Professor Keith Horner – University of Manchester

1010. Liam Baxter, Undergraduate, OUDCE, Oxford

1009. Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt – Linfield University

1008. Amanda Perl –

1007. Dr Alain J.E. Wolf – University of East Anglia: “‘My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me’ Jane Austen”.

1006. Dr Andrew Ryder – ELTE University, Budapest

1005. Shelly Higgins – Maryvale Institute, Birmingham

1004. Blanche Cameron -University College London

1003. Simon Hayes – Southampton School of Art

1002. Ian Ellison – UCLAN

1001. Jill Garrow – Thames Valley University – 1997 – BA Hons (First Class): ‘Universities are supposed to teach which includes discussion. Not turn into brainwashing institutions when only the Marxist view is correct. And as for ‘cancelling’ anti-Marxist opinions. That’s a disgrace.’

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